Khymos update and new logo

I’m happy to announce that Khymos has undergone major upgrades and repairs behind the scenes. The entire blog has been moved from to (old URLs are redirected). Furthermore I’ve made the transition to a responsive WordPress theme so at last it is possible to read Khymos on mobile devices (yeah, I know – this should have been done years ago…). And while I was at it I figured it was also time to draw a new logo. I hope you like it! In case you wonder: Besides being the first letter of Khymos, K is also the elemental symbol for potassium which is element no. 19 (hence the number). And the dot on the ring symbolizes that potassium only has one electron in its outer shell.


  1. Hey Martin. So lovely to have you back! I assume this is in prep for new content and exchanges. Can’t wait!

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