The food blogging event “They Go Really Well Together” was initiated by me in April 2007 to explore flavor pairings suggested by the hypothesis that if two foods have one or more key odorants in common it might very well be that go well together and perhaps even compliment each other. Scroll down to see a list of all the previous rounds.


  1. […] “They Go Really Well Together” eli TGRWT leikittelee flavor paring -teeman ympärillä, joka on yksi molekyylikokkauksen lempilapsia.  FPssa yhdistellään raaka-aineita sen mukaan, miten paljon niillä on keskenään yhteisiä aromiaineita.  Aromitietokantoja hyödyntäen saatetaan päätyä villeihin yhdistelmiin, joita TGRWT on testannut jo 17 ja kahdeksastoista on parhaillaan meneillään. […]

  2. […] to They Go Really Well Together (TGRWT) #18, created by Khymos and hosted this month by Aidan Brooks: Trainee […]

  3. […] link this to TGRWT-round #19 Tea & Tomato. Those who want to learn more about TGRWT, can visit this site. I’ve told about it many times […]

  4. Hi.
    I discovered that star anise have a very tobacco like flavour/aroma, especially combined with cooced plums (i was eating a plum marmelade with star anise). Also dried plums has i slight hint of tobacco i think.
    Maby it’s a good thing for the TGRWT?
    Best regards Filip.

  5. I´m hvery happy with your excellent job and blog, so i would like to colaborate with you.I´ll send you my blog.
    Best regards.


  6. This is a very interesting concept. Would like to participate. What is the next pairing?

  7. […] a good time, the Food Geeks like to play a round of TGRWT. Short for They Go Really Well Together, the players start with the hypothesis  that if two foods […]

  8. […] a few out there…. I’ve followed with particular interest Martin Lersch’s “They Go Really Well Together” series, he’s into the whole molecular gastronomy thing, and one of the more […]

  9. […] Lersch at started a food blogging event a while back called “These Go Really Well Together (TGRWT)” to explore flavor pairings.  His theory is that if two food share common odorants, they might […]

  10. […] this taste to my palate and mind with his series “they-go-really-well together” at khymos. For me, when composing food and contemplating a new and yet unimaginable combination, first the […]

  11. […] the row of blog actions called “They go really well together” (TGRWT) bloggers are invited to explore the possibilities and similarities in aroma profiles from […]

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  13. […] לתיאוריה על צירופי הריחות ולפרויקט הנחמד שנולד ממנה: TGRWT. אלו הם ראשי התיבות של “They Go Really Well Together”, או בשפת […]

  14. […] is the first time I take part in this TGRWT project and have no idea how others approach such an experiment. From the beginning on my question […]

  15. […] טעים", כתבו על הבלוג הנורווגי "קימוס", ופרוייקט TGRWT שלו. אצטט את ההסבר שלהם: אלו הם ראשי התיבות של “They Go Really […]

  16. Raw cocoa beans (dried and shelled) and pure licorice is my favorite. They share some of the same “overtones” (in my music oriented world) and is great snacks together.

  17. Oh, and the incredible taste of raw curcumin root is also something that should be researched and paired together with something.

  18. […] Para los que no han sido asiduos de lamarga, viene bien recordar aquí­ que el Food Pairing o Flavor pairing, es una teorí­a que emitieron ya hace unos añitos algunos investigadores de la empresa de aromas “Firmenich”, y que caló en algunos cocineros famosos como Heston Blumenthal. Dicha teorí­a postula que dos alimentos maridarán bien si comparten sus compuestos aromáticos más significativos. En los últimos años dicha teorí­a fue retomada, ampliada y niquelada por mi amigo Bernard Lahousse, que desarrollo una magnifica hoja de web para combinaciones de alimentos basándose en sus compuestos aromáticos más significativos (página que por cierto, ahora ya es de pago). También ha contribuido a su extensión en la red otro amigo, Martin Lersch, que durante unos años vino realizando unas rondas de concursos sobre rectas en la que se combinasen dos alimentos que casasen siguiendo esa teorí­a (“They go really well together”). […]

  19. […] y bendecida por Martin Lersch (que realizó basándose en esta teorí­a, los concursos “Van muy bien juntos” en su blog […]

  20. […] skafferihanteringen, vilket inte minst visar sig i hur uppskattat Martin Lerch’s bloggevent ”TGRWT” (They Go Really Well Together) är. Till exempel hakade ju självaste Lisa Förare Winbladh och […]

  21. […] פה, ×–×” בעיקר בזכות "אוכל ×–×” טעים" הישראלי ו"קימוס" הנורווגי) החלטתי לנסות גם אני קצת שילובים. והערב […]

  22. Para los que no han sido asiduos de lamarga, viene bien recordar aquí­ que el Food Pairing o Flavor pairing, es una teorí­a que emitieron ya hace unos añitos algunos investigadores de la.

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