Wine science and reference works

  • James Halliday: The Art and Science of Wine (240p, 2007)  ISBN: 1554072476 (recommendation based on previous edition)
  • Jancis Robinson: The Oxford Companion to Wine (840p, 2006) ISBN: 0198609906
  • Jamie Good: The Science of Wine: From Vine to Glass (216p, 2006) ISBN: 0520248007
  • Pascal Ribéreau-Gayon et al.: Handbook of Enology (Vol. 1), The Microbiology of Wine and Vinifications (512p, 2006)  ISBN: 0470010347
  • Pascal Ribéreau-Gayon et al.: Handbook of Enology (Vol. 2): The Chemistry of Wine: Stabilization and Treatments (450p, 2006)  ISBN: 0470010371
  • Jamie Goode: Wine Science (256p, 2005)  ISBN: 1840009683
  • David Bird: Understanding Wine Technology: The Science of Wine Explained (265p, 2005) ISBN: 1891267914
  • Gérard Liger-Belair: Uncorked – The Science of Champagne (160p, 2004)  ISBN: 0691119198
  • R. J. Clarke, J. Bakker: Wine Flavour Chemistry (336p, 2004)  ISBN: 1405105305
  • Yair Margalit: Concepts in Wine Chemistry (476p, 2004)  ISBN: 1891267744
  • Steven Kolpan et al.: Exploring Wine: The Culinary Institute of America’s Guide to Wines of the World (880p, 2001)  ISBN: 0471352950
  • Ronald S. Jackson: Wine Science: Principles, Practice, Perception (654p, 2000)  ISBN: 012379062X
  • Andrew L. Waterhouse, Susan E. Ebeler: Chemistry of Wine Flavor (256p, 1999)  ISBN: 0841235929

Tasting and pairing guides

  • Francois Chartier: Taste Buds and Molecules: The Art and Science of Food and Wine (2011, 224p) ISBN: 0771022670/1118141849
  • Andrew Dornenburg, Karen Page: What to Drink with What You Eat (368p, 2006)  ISBN: 0821257188
  • Evan Goldstein: Perfect Pairings (328p, 2006)  ISBN: 0520243773
  • Tony DiDio et al.: The Renaissance Guide to Wine and Food Pairing (384p, 2003)  ISBN: 159257114X
  • Fiona Beckett: How to Match Food and Wine (64p, 2002)  ISBN: 1840005769
  • Mary Dowey: Food & Wine: Pairing Made Simple (63p, 2002)  ISBN: 1841723452
  • Andrea Immer: Great Tastes Made Simple (304p, 2002)  ISBN: 0767909070
  • Ronald S. Jackson: Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook (291p, 2002)  ISBN: 012379076X
  • Jancis Robinson: How to Taste: A Guide to Enjoying Wine (208p, 2001) ISBN: 0743216776
  • Emile Peynaud: The Taste of Wine: The Art Science of Wine Appreciation (368p, 1996)  ISBN: 047111376X
  • Jancis Robinson: Vines, Grapes & Wines: The Wine Drinker’s Guide to Grape Varieties (280p, 1992) ISBN: 1857329996


  • John Cleese: Wine for the Confused (DVD, 2004)  ASIN: B0009NZ6P2
  • Jonathan Nossiter: Mondovino (DVD, 2004)  ASIN: B0009OL8E4

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