Food chemistry

The following books on food chemistry are more suitable for readers with some knowledge of science and chemistry in particular:

  • Alistair M. Stephen, Glyn O. Phillips and Peter A. Williams: Food Polysaccharides and Their Applications (2006, 752p) ISBN: 0824759222
  • Harry Nursten: The Maillard Reaction (2005, 214p)  ISBN: 0854049649
  • Chris Clarke: The Science of Ice Cream (2004, 187p)  ISBN: 0854046291
  • Belitz, H.-D., Grosch, W., Schieberle, P.: Food Chemistry (2004, 1070 p)  ISBN: 3540408185
  • Vickie A. Vaclavik, Wlizabeth W. Christian: Essentials of Food Science (2003, 500p)  ISBN: 0306473631 (3 ed. appearing Oct 2007: 0387699392)
  • Pieter Walstra: Physical Chemistry of Foods (2002, 832p)  ISBN: 0824793552
  • Tom Coultate: Food: The chemistry of it’s components (2002, 350 p)  ISBN: 0854046151
  • G.O. Phillips (ed.), P.A. Williams (ed.): CRC Handbook of Hydrocolloids (2000,  472p)  ISBN: 084930850X
  • Norman Potter and Joseph Hotchkiss: Food Science (1999, 608 p)  ISBN: 083421265X
  • Ernest R. Vieira: Elementary Food Science (1999, 452p)  ISBN: 0834216574
  • A. Imeson: Thickening and Gelling Agents for Food (320p, 1997)  ISBN: 083421296X
  • Owen Fennema (ed.): Food Chemistry (1996, 1088 p)  ISBN: 0824796918
  • C. Fischer, T. Scott: Food Flavours: Biology and Chemistry (1997, 176p)  ISBN: 0854045384
  • Andrea Illy (ed.), Rinantonio Viani (ed.): Espresso Coffee: The Chemistry of Quality (253p, 1995)  ISBN: 012370670X
  • H. Maarse: Volatile Compounds in Foods and Beverages (1991, 784p)  ISBN: 0824783905

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