Can you guess what’s inside?

The box has travelled all the way from China to Norway

Very sturdy box-in-box packaging with special deformation elements lining the inner box. You’ve probably guessed it by now…

My copy of Modernist Cuisine has arrived!

If you’re a scientist and like to cook these books are a must! Actually… if you’re serious about cooking I’d say you have no choice!

A first observation is that I need to have a notebook nearby when sitting down with the books. Leafing through the volumes there are so many things I want to try and ideas start popping up. And with >2400 pages it may take some time before I accidentally return to the exact same page 🙂


  1. Michael: I don’t have the patience to read it through, so I jump around 😉

    derk: Currently it sells for about USD 477 at Amazon

    Magnus: You will not regret!

  2. Bought mine last week. It was the Taschen version in French. I have the feeling – after all what I read on the moderniste cuisine site – that there is a difference between the taschen print and the original one. I know that volume 6 will not be spot free in the kitchen. Pleased with the overall quality altough.

    In favor I can say that this version is cheaper. I bought it for 379 Euro. (5% discount)

    And yes … It has the same weight.

    And yes … it is a MUST have

    and yes … it comes in the same plastic housing

  3. Just got my edition today 🙂 a shop here in Denmark has it for 3300kr wich is an amazing price, so when my wife said i got half of it for my birthday i went in and bought it, just flipped through some of it, it looks amaaaazing

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