Copenhagen MG seminar: Ice cold world record attempt (part 7)

Peter Barham on his way to beat the current world record for the fastest ice cream

In case you didn’t know the current world record for the world’s fastest ice cream is 10.34 seconds! To obtain the record you have to make one liter of ice cream from milk, sugar and flavoring (no eggs). Liquid nitrogen is used to rapidly cool and freeze the ice cream mixture. The current record was achieved by Andrew Ross (UK) at Cliffe Cottage in Sheffield,”‹ South Yorkshire,”‹ UK, on 6 June 2010. Prior to that the world record belonged to Peter Barham who in 2005 shaved two seconds of his previous record, ending at 18.78 seconds. To conclude his presentation on how food can be used to make students interested in physics and chemistry Peter decided to beat the current world record. Here’s a video of how it went:

Want to read more about the history of liquid nitrogen ice cream and find recipes? Then you should visit the webpages of The institute for liquid nitrogen ice cream experimental studies!


  1. Thank you very much for posting the liquid N2 website. I typically run the liquid N2 icecream display at my school’s open day and always get an interested crowd. Looking forward to upgrading the mix!

  2. A demo like this should have included appropriate personal protective equipment. When handling liquid nitrogen, monogoggles, gloves, and an apron would be appropriate. Especially when sloshing it around so quickly!

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