Open position in science and cooking at Harvard

I recently blogged about the public science and cooking lectures at Harvard to let you know that videos from the lectures are available for download. The public lectures accompany the course SPU-27: Science and Cooking (non-official pdf with syllabus of the course). I just got an email that they have an open position for a preceptor (a kind of lecturer). Responsibilities include:

  • Work with (and report to) the faculty members who are the principal course instructors, to prepare lecture materials, lab experiments, homework assignments, and examination questions.
  • Assist with lecturing as necessary.
  • Manage the kitchen lab space, including maintaining the inventory of equipment and food supplies, as well as ensuring food-safety status.
  • Coordinate with visiting guest chefs and lecturers, including managing their itineraries during campus visits.

Interestingly they are looking for someone with an advanced degree in physics, chemistry or a related field, preferably with a PhD. But they do not ask for knowledge about or interest in food which is kind of surprising… But they hope to get someone who speaks Spanish or Catalan – take that as a pointer to all the great work done by Ferran Adria, Jose Andres and Joan Roca, as well as the Alicia Foundation. The application deadline is April 4th. More information can be found on their homepage


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  2. Thanks for the information!
    I wish I could get such position, but I doubt it would be possible. Even if I have a strong interest in food and cooking… (I’ll take a PhD in particle physics in half a year or more and i’ve been teaching assistant for a course only! ahahah)

  3. Tempting, no doubt! I wish I could stop all my projects here for a couple of years….

  4. It’s time for you to pick up that Spanish book, Martin 😉

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