An updated version of “Texture – A hydrocolloid recipe collection” is now available for download (version 2.3). The longer I work on this, the more I realize that it will never really “finish” – there’s always more to add. And believe me – my todo list is still quite long (and I even have some feedback which I haven’t had time to incorporate yet). But I thought that since it’s more than a year since the last update, it was about time to share with you the things that have been changed. Major changes and updates include:

Pictures: This is the biggest visual change! Some recipes are now equipped with pictures which may give you an idea of the texture AND they indicate that the recipe has indeed been tested. But I need your help to add more pictures to the recipe collection (please follow the link to read more about how you can contribute pictures)! And of course – a big thanks to those of you who have already contributed your pictures!

Recipes: Recipes have been added and the total number is about 310 now. I’m getting a little more picky now with regards to which recipes I add. Ideally each new recipe added now should illustrate something new.

I should mention that I’m very grateful for feedback from readers and users of this recipe collection. Thank you very much with helping me improve the document! If you find typos, wish to comment on something or have suggestions on how to improve the collection, please do not hesitate to write me an email at webmaster (at) khymos (.) org or just write a comment in the field below.

Please head over to the download page for the links.


  1. Awesome! Thanks Martin! It’s really the one collection I keep coming back to. The El Bulli books are great, but can be a little obtuse. Texture is by far the most detailed and comprehensive.


  2. Great work on the collection, its great to have an overview of these ingredients and examples of there applications, Texture has become an important part of my reference material! thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you! Funny enough, the last version we used at Ferran Adria’s Alicia Fundacio for workshops in modern textures & gastronomy. I must forward this to my former colleagues: Pere Castells & Ingrid Farre, of the el Bulli family. Give me some time to absorb the new additions….. Molte gratis!

  4. martin! I always use this for the property tables especially. some cookbooks are too dense, and this helps playing around with food soo much better. keep on keeping on! thanks a bundle of DNA 🙂

  5. Hi I have designed a Molecular Cookery course that I will run in January at West Kent College. I have been put on your work by a great Chef that i have been doing some workshops with at his Kitchens. I would love to try out these recipes with my students and post pictures and give you feedback. I teach Catering and the student will start in September. Please let me know where I can post this information etc.
    i am also on the look out for guest speakers to demo stuff and talk to students would you be intrested in that tpye of stuff?

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