Food geeks socially accepted

Gizmodo recently featured a gallery of socially acceptable nerds and food geeks finally made it onto the list. I quote:

Food Geeks: Liking to eat is one thing, but becoming really familiar with the exact time and water temperature to cook the perfect soft-boiled egg? … This elevates hunger to a seriously geeky level…

I kind of feel a finger pointing at me 🙂 But believe it or not, there were more than 30.000 who visited the page Towards the perfect soft boiled egg last year (and it was first published in April), so my dear fellow food geek reading this: You are not alone!


  1. And whats wrong with being a Geek, just means your passionate about something, and atleast with food its real and tangile unlike star wars/trek [which Don’t get me wrong I like both especially Picard as Capitan well 2nd season onwards]

  2. I have been a geek my whole life it was not until 2005 I realized that I was a food geek there is nothing wrong with knowing the science behind what you eat.

  3. Being a food geek, I like the acceptance, but sometimes acceptance draws in the undesirables. I just hope that the foods we enjoy stay an underground thing. I don’t want everyone playing with food because the inspiration sometimes gets lost in translation. I hope some folks can agree with me, or am I alone on this one….

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