Nathan Myhrvold in NYT – news on upcoming book

Nathan Myhrvold giving a TED talk about some of his many interest (click image to see video). Photo by Neil Hunt from (CC BY-NC 2.0).
Nathan Myhrvold giving a TED talk about some of his many interest (click image to see video). Photo by Neil Hunt from (CC BY-NC 2.0).
I usually don’t post about newspaper articles, but Jack Lang sent out an email on the molegular gastronomy maillinglist today about an article in New York Times: “After Microsoft, Bringing a High-Tech Eye to Professional Kitchens” featuring Nathan Myhrvold. I thought this might be of interest to my readers as well.

If you’ve played around with sous vide cooking there’s a good chance that you’ve visited the massive eGullet thread on sous vide (currently spanning more than 100 pages and 3000 posts), and in that case you’ll be familiar with Nathan’s many well informed posts on sous vide. There have been rumours about an upcoming book for quite some time, and things are getting more and more exciting. The last I heard was that he had a team of 5 people working on a book about sous-vide. This has now increased to a team of 15 people, including 5 professional chefs, a photographer, an art director, writers and editors. And there’s more:

“The project has grown in size and scope. Originally planned as a 300-page discussion of sous vide, an increasingly popular restaurant technique of cooking food in vacuum-sealed bags in warm water baths, the book has swelled to 1,500 pages that will also cover microbiology, food safety, the physics of heat transfer on the stove and in the oven, formulas for turning fruit and vegetable juices into gels, and more.”

Wow! Let’s hope that Nathan’s “one year left” statement is actually true this time. I’m really looking forward to see this book!


  1. I have emailed his company to try and figure out how to get on the list for when its released and trying to fish for prices. 500$ does no seem far fetched as this is almost a Reference Book

  2. Just wanted to share: I was at the Chefs Congress when this lad spoke and worked the duck demonstration, the converstaion was very interesting and I too can not wait to see this book!
    I would pay $500.00 American coin for the book.
    Lets see the book already!

  3. I was given the opportunity of Spring 2009 to have my school internship at Intellectual Ventures working on the Food Science Cookbook Nathan Myhrvold and fellow chefs are in the works of publishing. If you should be excited about any cookbook this should be the one. The information that this will explain is great knowledge. One of those books cooking schools will require, and serious chefs should read to have a great understanding of how general cooking works, why we do certain things in cooking and completely inventing new techniques with scientific reasoning as to why they are doing it. It was a great experience, opened my eyes to what food can be, and mixing Herve This (molecular gastronomy) with amazing recipes and pictures. If it is $500 dollars for the book, it is worth every bit of that!!

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