TGRWT #17: apple and rose


It’s time for a new round of “They go really well together”. For TGRWT #17 the challenge is to pair apple with rose, in particular Cox Orange or Elstar apples in combination with Damask (Rosa í— damascena). The hosts this time are Malin and
Lisa, and Malin explains explains a litte about the chemistry behind the pairing both in English and Swedish. The deadline is May 8th so you get a little extra time for this round. By coincidence rose appears in TGRWT twice in a row, but I can assure you that the hosts of the March and April round did not know about each others choices when they were made. If you bought a bottle of rose water for last round I’m sure there’s a little left. You might even be lucky to get hold of fresh rose leaves now that summer is approaching. For inspiration on how rose combines with chicken, do check out the round up of TGRWT #16 over at Supernova Condensate.


  1. This combination sounds delightful, refreshing, and exotic. I was thinking something more seasonal of a TGRWT is violet + leeks. Now I just need to figure out the execution looks like….

  2. It’s interesting, this is one of the few of these from phylogenetically related species, both in family Rosaceae. It’s like Alton Brown’s suggestion for cumin and carrots because they’re both in family Apiaceae, and thus would have more secondary compounds in common and make something like chords of flavor (multiple notes in common, you see).

    I’m working on a chart of spices and flavors using this theory. I use the method currently to arrange my spice rack which works out nicely (substitutions and variations are one jar away). If anyone wants to help drop me a line.

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