New term for molecular gastronomy?

For a true multi modal experience I can imagine that restaurants and chefs who are into ORGASMIC, a new proposed acronym for science enabled cooking, will serve desserts accompanied by the orgasmatron (picture via BoingBoing).

The definition and use of the term molecular gastronomy has been a recurring topic here at Khymos. In my opinion no better name has been deviced, but that may actually change now. I just received an email which let me know that:

A group of influential international chefs have sequestered since yesterday in Alicia, Spain. Their mission has been to find a more palatable term for the dreaded “Molecular Gastronomy”. The consensus seems to be leaning towards ORGASMIC, an acronym for ORganoleptics, Gastronomy, Art, & Science Meet In Cuisine. A final vote on the proposed name change is scheduled for tomorrow morning, followed by the unveiling at a press conference.

Unfortunately information about which chefs have been invited to the event is scarce, so it’s difficult to judge about what impact this will have. Nevertheless, since the acronym includes so many of the different aspects related to molecular gastronomy I likely that the new name will eventually replace the term molecular gastronomy. I’ll update once I have more details!

Update: Fellow blogger Aiden Brooks is currently living in Barcelona and has many more details on this. It seems that there will actually be a new Erice meeting and that the current “secret session” is a run up to the next International Workshop on Molecular and Physical Gastronomy.


  1. Hi Martin

    here in Italy it is still common, in the media, to talk about “Cucina Molecolare” (molecular cooking). We (Myself, Davide Cassi and others) are trying to change this ugly term and use the more friendly “Cucina Scientifica” (Scientific cooking)

    ciao Dario

  2. I’m all for a change. I never really liked the term “molecular gastronomy” because it sounds like something the Americans would try to stop the North Koreans from doing. But don’t you agree with the guy who called ORGASMIC “dumbing down”?

  3. Good stuff. My girlfriend will be most pleased that this is what is taking up so much of my time these days.

    p.s I only came across this blog last night and ended up sending hours reading though it. 1000 golf claps to you sir.

  4. That is a pretty nifty name, well explained, it almost makes sense.

    I have used MOLGA for the past couple years myself…really not sexy at all :^(

  5. To be serious and since apr 1st is Over I like Post Modern myself I avoid the term Molecular Gastronomy except with talking with Chef Friends who thinking favourably towards Mole. Gastro. if not its just Post Modern Cooking

  6. Great prank, Martin! You got my heart skipping for a minute, there (I read it 2. April…). Imagine putting ORGASMIC on one’s academic profile and visiting card 😉

  7. I’m honoured to be credited with a share of this, but in reality the idea was solely that of Linda from Playing With Fire And Water. I’m pretty quick to be inspired by great ideas, though.

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