The next TGRWT challenge has been announced: chicken and rose! Head over to astrophysics blog Supernova Condensate and read more on how to participate in round 16. And do check out the excellent summary of the dark chocolate and smoked salmon contributions from TGRWT #15 over at Mex Mix.


  1. Laura Esquivel’s book “Like Water for Chocolate” includes a recipe for quail in rose petal sauce. Some people I know get the petals directly from a flower grower, as long as they’re not full of pesticides.

  2. Does rose water (most of which, I’m guessing, is not actually just an infusion of rose–if they contain any rose at all) have the same aroma compounds as fresh rose?

  3. Rose water would be the best option to incorporate rose into any recipe. It is the aqueous byproduct of the distillation of rose petals in the production of rose oil for the perfume industry. At least the quality rose waters are.

  4. Rose hips has a different aroma and flavor than the actual rose petals. If there is an Indian or Middle Eastern market near you, they will carry it. Then there is always the internet, though shipping probably will cost you as much as a bottle of rose water.

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