Hydrocolloid recipe collection v.2.2

An updated version of “Texture – A hydrocolloid recipe collection” is now available for download (version 2.2). There are two file sizes available: screen resolution (~1 MB) and high resolution for printing (~5 MB). Some recipes have been added bringing the total number up to about 270 recipes. Apart from this the version includes corrections of typos and updates of indexes and the supplier list. There is a new index for alcoholic preparations plus a small glossary. Again I should mention that I’m very grateful for feedback from readers and users of this recipe collection. Thank you very much with helping me improve the document! If you find typos, wish to comment on something or have suggestions on how to improve the collection, please do not hesitate to write me an email at webmaster (at) khymos (.) org or just write a comment in the field below.


  1. The previous version was uploaded to lulu by someone else. I believe you can upload the high-res version yourself – I haven’t taken the time to do this yet. Lot’s of other things to do now before Christmas 🙂

  2. in the pectin section, the recipes for the Soft set orange marmalade is the same as the following recipe (traditional raspberry jam). It looks like the preparation directions were copy/past.

  3. Cool book – I will be trying out some of the recipes.

    But have you also heard of Kudzu – does it fit the hydrocolloid label as well ? It works a lot like cornstarch except it is broken down by normal sugar – you need to use maltose or fructose not sucrose. Here is a book on it: http://books.google.ca/books?id=KMSpPFcli08C

  4. Hi,
    A fellow chef worked on a demo making flex chocolate-he stated he worked the recipe out of the Texture book you posted on line.
    I am having a hard time finding it…any help?
    chef with droids all over the kitchen! Help!

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