There’s a new weekly cooking show you shouldn’t miss. It’s about cooking and science, or “Kamikaze cookery” to be more precise. And there’s a good dash of humor as well which doesn’t hurt. The first episode out is on how to cook that perfect steak (it’s embedded below, but on their site you can watch it at a better resolution). I’ve covered the topic before in my post on DIY sous-vide, but their video is much more entertaining 🙂 They use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the air and a blow torch for the Maillard reaction! There is also a blog accompanying the videos. Hereby recommended!


  1. Thanks very much for the recommendation! We’ve got another 12 episodes coming in this season, covering both molecular gastronomy stuff and more general foodie topics (do celebrity chef recipes actually work? Is a 100% locally-sourced diet a good idea?). Hope you enjoy ’em!

  2. Very intelligent. Bright & clever. Mean & lean.
    Perhaps you can help me. Normally we pull off the head of young pigeons by hand, before we prepare them to a delicious meal.
    Got any alternative ?

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