A day at el Bulli

There is really no end to all the exciting books that will appear this fall! I just learnt from the molecular gastronomy mailing list that the book “A Day at el Bulli” by Ferran Adrií , Juli Soler and Albert Adrií  will appear in October. The publisher let’s us know that the book

documents all the activities and processes that make up just one day of service with stunning colour and black and white photography of the kitchens, staff, creative workshop, dishes, the restaurant itself and its striking surroundings near the town of Roses, north east of Barcelona

The fact that a 600 page book covers a single day at el Bulli says a lot about how much thought they put into their cooking 🙂


  1. In additon to the Thomas Keller book on sous vide that you blogged about, I’ve preordered this one, the Alinea book, and The Flavor Bible. The Flavor Bible promises to be a great expansion upon the reference material on flavor pairings that appeared in the book Culinary Artistry. The Fat Duck cookbook is probably next on my list, but debating on that or one of the older El Bulli books … do you have an opinion on Fat Duck vs the older El Bulli books (assuming I can only pop for one $200 cookbook this fall)?


  2. That’s an impossible choice… But I guess I would go for the Fat Duck book since it’s newer. I have one of the el Bulli books and it’s really fascinating, so I would get one (or more) of those as well once your budget allows it 🙂

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