I recently became aware of an excellent site focusing solely on liquid nitrogen ice cream! Ever heard about “The institute for liquid nitrogen ice cream experimental studies” or TILNICES for short? They’re located at the Department of Chemistry at the Tennessee Technological University. It seems that the site is still under construction, but several recipes are already available plus a number of papers (available for download as pdf files).

[Thanks to John Placko on the MG mailing list for mentioning the site]


  1. I have made LN2 icecream before – handy hint for anyone in the midwest — you can find LN2 fairly inexpensively through a farm supply. It’s a lot cheaper than through medical sources.

    The key to the whole thing is to whip the icecream pretty good before starting. The LN2 will put some nitrogen bubbles in there but you want to start with a frothy mix to begin with. It also freezes so fast you can dump in cookies or the like and they stay crunchy. Use a bread hook or something instead of a whisk in your mixer though if you add solids.

    You can also make dippin’ dots style icecream with LN2. Make up a bach of ice cream recipie and put it through labware appropriate to slowly drip it into an LN2 bath. You’ll get more or less perfect spheres of ice cream. Scoop them out into a cooler with dry ice to await serving. With this type of preperation though you want as little air as possible in the ice cream.

  2. Hi all,

    The New York Academy of Sciences just posted a cool podcast on the Experimental Cuisine Collective (http://experimentalcuisine.googlepages.com) in New York, which is an outreach program to make polymer science accessible through the use of food. In the Podcast, Kent Kirschenbaum, one of the founders of the group and a biochemist at NYU, talks some about the chemical creation of ice cream (specifically the Turkish Salepi Dondurma) and the use of Liquid Nitrogen. It’s pretty cool, so I thought it was something everyone on this blog might be interested in.

    You can check it out here: http://www.nyas.org/snc/podcastdetail.asp?id=1832

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