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For more than a decade Ferran Adriá has allowed us to take part in the creative process through the magnificent El Bulli books. And now – finally – we will have the opportunity to look behind the curtains in another top restaurant where molecular gastronomy is practiced. The book Alinea, named after the Chicago restaurant headed by chef Grant Achatz, is due to appear in October this year. According to the publisher, this is what to expect:

A pioneer in American cuisine, chef Grant Achatz represents the best of the molecular gastronomy movement – brilliant fundamentals and exquisite taste paired with a groundbreaking approach to new techniques and equipment. ALINEA showcases Achatz’s cuisine with more than 100 dishes (totaling 600 recipes) and 600 photographs presented in a deluxe volume. Three feature pieces frame the book: Michael Ruhlman considers Alinea’s role in the global dining scene, Jeffrey Steingarten offers his distinctive take on dining at the restaurant, and Mark McClusky explores the role of technology in the Alinea kitchen. Buyers of the book will receive access to a website featuring video demonstrations, interviews, and an online forum that allows readers to interact with Achatz and his team.

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  1. I pre-ordered this book last fall and got a mail from them the other day confirming that the website will open for preview in May. The book should be out October 15th.

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