Finally in English: Kitchen mysteries


Following the success of the English translation of Molecular gastronomy – Exploring the Science of Flavor (original title: Casseroles et éprouvettes), Hervé This book Kitchen mysteries (original title: Les secrets de la casserole) will appear in October 2007, and is already available for pre-order. As far as I know this book has already appeared in German as Rätsel der Kochkunst (and I guess in Spanish with the title La Cocina y Sus Misterios). As you can see from the list of foreign language books on molecular gastronomy, there’s still a whole number of books to be translated. Exciting times to come!


  1. This book has been published in Italian in 1995 (a new edition was reprinted in 2003) with the title “I segreti della pentola. Guida di gastronomia molecolare”

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