TGIF: Hot coffee with industrial laser

Such an advanced setup, and then he uses instant coffee???!!!!

Found via everydayscientist a while ago…


  1. Ok, just so i’ve got this straight, they were heating up cold coffee and a mug of water using a lazer, right? That’s amazing. I wonder if that method is going to be shrunk down for commercial use.

  2. This reminds me of “The Laser Cheese Raclette”, Annals of Improbable Research, 1, 3, 12-15 (1995). The authors used a CO2 laser to make a type of cheese fondue, including blown powder deposition of pepper. Perhaps you could interview them for a post? The CV of the lead author is online, but it seems to be an old version:

  3. LOL !!! totally nerdtastic !!! love it.

    maybe they used instant coffee because being scientists does not leave one enough time to be a foodie.

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