TGIF: Fed up with foam?

When many people hear molecular gastronomy, they think of culinary foams, originally introduced by Ferran Adria at El Bulli. In case you’re fed up with the foams, here’s a T-shirt to express your feelings:


Personally, I can’t even say I’ve taste any of these foams yet… Guess I’ll wait a little with the T-shirt then 😉

[Thanks to Chef John over at foodwishes]

One comment

  1. Thanks for posting this T-shirt on your blog! Supplies are limited!!

    Apparently in protest, many MB Chefs are ordering these shirts, pureeing them into a fine paste, adding Agar and beet juice and making noodles with them! And yes, they are using a nice foam to garnish.

    Well, as a Chef once said to me… “I’m just a cook, I aint no rocket surgeon.”

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