“Dialogos de Cocina” with molecular gastronomy webcasts

Dialogos de Cocina took place in San Sebastian, Spain, on March 12 and 13. Monday’s program featured a session on Technology, Technique and Science which should be of great interest to the molecular gastronomy community. The sessions have been made available as webcasts available in English, French and Spanish. Look out for the following topics:

Monday, March 12

Other Ways of Thinking, Toni Massanes (Fundación Alicia).

Other Ways of Understanding, Antonio Duch (Fundación Azti).

Other Ways of Doing it, Harold McGee.

Other Ways of Seeing it, Davide Cassi.

What can Science Offer us in Addition to Techniques and Technology?,
Round table discussion with Toni Massanes (Fundación Alicia), Antonio Duch (Fundación Azti), Harold Macgee (writer), Davide Cassi (scientist), Heston Blumenthal (chef).

Update: Kate Hill at IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) has written an extensive report on the meeting.

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