TGIF: Molecular chocolate


When eating this chocolate, you eat a molecular model of what you are eating (well, at least one of it’s components) – theobromine!

It’s the brainchild of two Belgians, chocolatier Pierre Marcolini and furniture designer Dirk Meylaerts. More info on the Belgian and US website.

The taste scheme used for the different elements does not seem to be quite consistent (i.e. each element represented by a unique color):

  • Carbon: matte brown (crunchy shell)
  • Nitrogen: golden (mixture of caramel, roasted pineapple and praline) + bronze (bitter ganache with gingerbread notes)
  • Hydrogen: white (milk chocolate ganache flavoured with raz-el-hanout, sheathed in white chocolate) + bronze (bitter ganache with gingerbread notes)
  • Oxygen: shiny dark brown (blend of chocolate and caramel ganache with a touch of tonka bean)
  • chocolate-theobromine-assigned.jpg

    [Via Inkling Magazine]


    1. As I like chocolate, you should convince Pierre Marcoloni to create a chocolate about cyanocobalamine, Vitamin B12. Much more chocolate to eat. And healthier than theobromine.

    2. thanks for the response! yes , i know it ‘s not completely correct..

      there were some misunderstandings so sorry…design is still the art of compromise..

      and i realise just now that ,yes , it’s funny as a reflection on molucular gastronomy


    3. […] Drool… drool… If any loyal reader ever feels the need to send chocolate to a stressed-out blogger (especially, say, at the end of July, when she’ll be studying for the bar), consider a big hunk of chocolate – in the shape of a theobromine molecule.  Perfect for the chocolate-addicted former chemical engineer in your (internet) life. (From: Khyros, molecular gastronomy.) […]

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