Blumenthal: “Molecular gastronomy is dead”

As a follow up to last weeks statement from Adria, Blumenthal, Keller and McGee (article, my comments) The Guardian have interviewed Heston Blumenthal. He now says that MG creates artifical boundries: “Molecular makes it sound complicated,” he says. “And gastronomy makes it sound elitist.”. And Heston isn’t keen on either (at least not anymore…).

According to Hervé This, there’s still some 25.000 cooking instructions left to test! And when it comes to the understanding of how the sense of smell works, we’ve just got started. So sorry Heston, I think it’s a bit early to dismiss molecular gastronomy already now.

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  1. i also find te terms molecular and gastronomy too pretentious. i loved h. this’ book traité élémentaire de cuisine (as far as i know, only translated to spanish, the one i read: tratado elemental de cocina, zaragoza, acribia, 2002), but i would call it “rational cooking” –or cuisine if you like, it’s the same word in spanish: cocina– or even “positive cooking” –in refference to comte’s sociology –positive philosophy– and the whole scientific spirit of the 19th century (if you know the laws, you control the causes and thus the results).
    i love your blog.
    thanks a lot.

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