Flavor pairing – try this at home!

If two different foods share one or more volatile molecules, chances are they can taste pretty nice when eaten together. A further discussion of the science behind can be found here. I justed wanted to share a picture of the simplest possible way this can be done. White chocolate/black caviar (top left – this is one of Heston Blumenthals signature combinations!), strawberries and coriander leafs, pineapple and blue cheese, and banana and parsley. Definitely very strange, but when eaten together, the tastes more or less blend together. Convince yourself and try this at home!

examples of flavor pairing

Any readers with fantasy to create exciting dishes based on such flavor pairings? Suggestions and links are welcome!


  1. Interesting combinations. I have tried caviar & white chocolate and it did work but caviar is too good a taste on its own though.

    Wylie Dufresne’s coffee-flavoured couscous was one of the strangest I’ve tried.

  2. Don’t use expensive caviar for this experiment – I only paid 20 NOK (2.50 €, 3 USD) for a 50 g box!

    Coffee and couscous sounds strange – is this combination based on the same flavor pairing principle?

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